Hanoi Travel Agency | Let’s plan your trip with TOP 10 Hanoi Travel Agent

Hanoi travel agency can be found anywhere in this city, but do you really know which is the best one for your trip in Hanoi? Also, how can you identify the genuine agency with the fake, scam one?

Therefore, we would like to offer you some help by introducing some of the best Hanoi travel agencies that you should check out. These travel agents are well rated, recommended and provide good tours and service.

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TOP 10 Travel Agency in Hanoi

Hanoi Free Local Tours – Hanoi travel agencies for FREE tour

If you want to do some low-cost trip, Hanoi Free Local Tours is the right one for you. This is not really a Hanoi travel agency but a non-profit organization offering foreign travelers trips in Hanoi. They are also mentioned by CNN Travel as one of the great ways to help tourists understand more about Hanoi and its people.

Hanoi travel agency free

An exciting cyclo tour with Hanoi Free Local Tour. You just need to pay the cyclo fee!

Hanoi Free Local Tours provides tour guides for FREE. Their tour guide is mostly young people, so it’s easier to light up the mood during a tour. Some recommended tours are Old Quarter Tours, City Tours, Scooter Tours, French Quarter Tour and Bat Trang Village Tour.

Also, it’s great that they provide FREE itinerary planning for Hanoi trips, customized by travel experts

Free-Wheelin’ Tours – Best travel agents in Hanoi

If you find going on a normal tour is not the one for you, you can try arranging a trip with Free-Wheelin’ Tours. This is a Hanoi travel agency providing tours with motorbikes and offering “a la carte” tours according to tourists’ requests. They are very reliable since they have been in operation since 1994 and served a large number of of-of travelers coming to Vietnam.

Hanoi travel agency motorbike

A motorbike to explore hidden spot of Hanoi and Northen Vietnam (For adventurers)

Their experience and network allow them to bring up trips with safety and symbiosis with the country. Their specialized tours ate mountain-biking trips and hiking expeditions. They also provide Marco Polo travel as well as a kayaking tour in Halong Bay and Ba Be Lake.

Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc – Hanoi travel agents for day trip

Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc is a Ninh Binh travel agency specializing in providing day trip from Hanoi to Ninh Binh. When you start to get tired of the hustle and bustle Hanoi, you may wish to escape a little bit.

Then, Ninh Binh is a perfect destination which is just 100 kilometers from Hanoi center. Ninh Binh offers you a chance to get close with nature and experience exciting activities.

Hanoi travel agent ninh binh

One of a kind experience in Ninh Binh with Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc!

Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc brings you the best popular day trip in Ninh Binh including Hoa Lu Tam Coc day trip, Hoa Lu Tam Coc Mua Cave tour, Hoa Lu Trang An Tour, Cuc Phuong National Park tour and so on. All are guided by travel experts as well as deliver the best local experience, local price and local support.

With the aim of focusing on customer’s value, you can also get a FREE Hanoi City Tour for every booking. See your tour now!

AZ Local Trip – Best travel agencies in Hanoi for customized tour

Our fourth recommended Hanoi travel agency is AZ Local trip. This is a local tourist agency, providing assistance in FREE planning itinerary and standard service offers (including tours, hotels, a cruise trip, and transportation). They claim their aim is to propose a better image of Vietnam in foreign travelers’ eyes.

Hanoi travel agency hat

AZ Local Trip gives you a profound understanding of Hanoi’s real beauty

The staff of AZ Local Trip is familiar with organizing tours for foreign travelers and are actually really helpful. They are bright, professional and passionate about what they do. Right now, they offer Hanoi, Northern Vietnam and Vietnam tours with excellent itineraries.

Their specialty is Northern Vietnam tours: Hanoi tours, Ninh Binh tours, Halong Bay tours, Sapa tours and so on. Their customer service is really great, too. The price ranges for their trips vary from economical to luxurious budget, up to your choice. In total, this Hanoi travel agency is highly recommended.

Hanoi travel agency halong

AZ Local Trip is also well-known for Halong tours with reasonable price

Mr.Linh’s Adventure Tours – Tour operator in Hanoi for adventure tour

Mr.Linh’s Adventure Tours is also a travel agency in Hanoi that focuses on off-the-beaten-track tours. They have been providing customized tours since 2008. They claim to bring good value to the local people and the environment with eco-tourism.

Their staff is cheerful and professional, this travel agent focuses on adventurous trips in Vietnam’s Northern remote areas. The Ba Be Lakes homestay tour is their best trips with good itinerary.

Hanoi travel agent ba be lake

The recommended Ba Be Lake tour of Mr.Linh’s Adventure Travel

Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure – Hanoi tour operator for adventure tour

If you see a large fleet of motorbike tourists, it maybe belongs to the Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure. They boast for the largest fleet of motorbikes than any other tour operators in Vietnam.

This Hanoi travel agency is reputable for setting up motorbike tours in Hanoi and across Vietnam. Their guides claim to have years of experience and know by hearts the roads and the ways to the best off-the-beaten-track tourist destination. Also, they provide planning itineraries suitable for your riding style and road conditions and are flexible for adventurous hearts.

travel agency in Hanoi adventure

An off-the-beaten-track route to Cao Bang with Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure

Buffalo Tours – Hanoi tour operators for Asia

On the other hand, Buffalo Tours is an inbound tour operator with offices not only in Hanoi but also in other parts of Asia.

Their network of operation includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. They even host tour offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Russia!

Their tours are known to be well-maintained with quality service and experienced staff. They pride themselves on in-depth knowledge of Asia and expertise to bring the most unique and unforgettable memories for their customers.

Hanoi travel agency cyclo

Cyclo tour by Buffalo – a unique way to explore Hanoi

Lily’s Travel Agency – Top priority tour operators in Hanoi

Talking about Hanoi travel agency, Lily’s Travel Agency must be included in any list. Also, this travel agent is operated by private and has a family-type organization, but the experience of the local tour guides and their service is good.

Although they may not look absolutely professional and well-trained in tourism, their staff are friendly, bright and passionate. Their specialized tours are Hanoi, Sapa, Cat Ba, and Ninh Binh trips.

Hanoi travel agency lily

Friendly, bright and passionate staffs make Lily’s tours more memorable

Vega Travel – Best tour agency in Hanoi

Vega Travel is a long-established Hanoi travel agent as they have been organizing thousands of tours since the 2000s.

They aim at sustainable eco-tourism, skillful staff, and excellent service. Their Fansipan trips and Halong Bay private boat tours are well arranged with good itinerary making them be the recommended tours of Vega Travel. This Hanoi travel agency is also doing good things by financially funding kindergartens and schools in remote Northern areas, namely Sapa and Bac Ha.

Hanoi tour operator

Vega is known for well-organized tours and well-trained staffs

Handspan Adventure Travel

Handspan Adventure Travel is also a long-established Hanoi travel agency and their specializing tours are Hanoi and Indochina tours. However, they also received positive feedbacks for Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island tours, biking and trekking tours in mountainous areas such as Moc Chau, Sapa and Ba Be National Park.

Handspan Adventure travel has gained a reputation with its quality service, private and small-grouped tour size. They have been following the principles of responsible tourism, which is a bonus point for this Hanoi travel agency.

travel agents in Hanoi to sapa

Hanoi to Sapa tour with Handspan Adventure Travel

Tips for choosing travel agent in Hanoi

Now is the time for some small tips, but you should pay attention to them since it can help you a lot along the way:

  • Make sure that the Hanoi travel agency you are contacting is a real one. There are a lot of scamming travel agencies in Hanoi, and if you not careful enough, you may end up disappoiting. You should choose trusty tour operators and contact them via their official contact information, or on their website.
  • Avoid booking a tour through your hotel service. The reason is that being the middleman, the hotel will raise the price of the tour to get tips. Also, the hotel can falsely describe the itinerary of the trip to lure travelers.
  • Always discuss what is included and excluded in the itinerary and the overall budget with your Hanoi travel agency. You should have an accurate idea about the money you will spend on the trip in order not to burn a hole in your wallet.
  • You should keep your tour operators’ contact information in case of an emergency. Don’t hesitate to contact them if anything goes wrong or if you are unclear about anything, they are always glad to help you out.

Above is TOP 10 Hanoi travel agency for you to choose. Hope that you have choosen at least one to accompany you on your upcoming holiday. For further information of Hanoi, feel free to contact us. Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc local experts are here for you!

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