10+ Best Vietnam travel agency and Vietnam tour operator [No bias]

Vietnam travel agency is a puzzle you have to solve before actually touring in this amazing country. The common question is always “What is the best Vietnam travel agency?” For people with little to no experience in Vietnam trips, choosing a decent one would be hard when there are a large number of tourist agents out there – reliable ones and scam ones.

1. Vietnam travel agency list by local experts

Therefore, we are here to help you making the right choice.. In this list, we will introduce you the best Vietnam travel agencies and Vietnam tour operators throughout the country. These travel agents surely won’t let you down!

Best Travel agency in Vietnam specialized in the North

First, let’s start with the North of Vietnam. There are already tons of amazing destinations such as Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong, Sapa and so on. Usually, Vietnam travel agency for the North offers tours to all of this spots. And if you are planning a holiday in Hanoi, also check out Hanoi travel agency!

AZ Local Trip – Vietnam local tour agency

AZ Local Trip is a Vietnam inbound tour operator with the main purpose of assisting tourists in planning itinerary and offering services for tourists all around the world. The claimed ultimate aim of this agency is to introduce a better Vietnam to all foreign travelers.

Being one of the best local Vietnam tour companies, AZ Local Trip’s guides are regarded to be well-educated, professional and passionate about Vietnam and their jobs.

A tour to Bat Trang with AZ Local Trip to experience the pottery making

They offer excellent service at a reasonable price – you can customize your itinerary for FREE, and they also provide 24/7 online and offline help. AZ Local Trip is specialized in Northern Vietnam trips, but in general, their tours are all high quality. Their Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Halong tour are definitely worth a try out!

Vega Travel

Vega Travel has made great trips to travelers since its foundation in the 2000s.They offer Fansipan tour with experienced staff and a suitable schedule for any tourist interested in mountain climbing in Vietnam. Also, they are known for Halong Bay private boats.

As one of the most well-known Vietnam travel agency, Vega Travel shows their social responsible by financially supports kindergartens and schools in remote areas such as Sapa and Bac Ha, Northen Vietnam

Hanoi Free Local Tours

Hanoi Free Local Tours is a non-profit organization in Hanoi. They offer travelers with various FREE tours around Hanoi such as Old Quarter Tours, City Tours, Scooter Tours, French Quarter Tour and Bat Trang Village Tour. All tours are guide by local students who wish to show foreign friends the beauty of Vietnam as well as improve their language skills.

A motorbike tour with Hanoi Free Local Tours. Let local students introduce you Hanoi in their own view!

Also, they provide the FREE Itinerary planning for your days in Hanoi with the help of local experts living in Hanoi for years

Hanoi Free Local Tours has been on CNN and Channel 8 of Singapore so their services are well guaranteed for sure!

Ethnic Travel

Ethnic Travel is a Vietnamese-owned and Hanoi-based company. They provide the service of designing and customizing the trips according to the tourists’ wish and catering for all ages.

They also have an office in Sapa. Their trips are mostly across Northern Vietnam in small groups, making the experience more private and special.

Handspan Adventure Travel

Handspan Adventure Travel is a travel agency specialized in Indochina tours, but of course, they offer great Vietnam trips. This travel agent aims to serve high-quality service, small-group tours, new tourist destinations and responsible tourism.

Apart from their Indochina tours, Handspan Adventure Travel also provides Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island tours, as well as mountain biking and trekking tours in remote areas like Moc Chau, Sapa and Ba Be National Park.

Handspan experts in mountain biking and trekking tours in remote areas

Buffalo Tours

Buffalo Tours is one of the most long-established travel agents in Vietnam, it was originally founded in 1994. Nowadays, they have been providing tours and trips for many tourists annually.

This Vietnam travel agency also offers airport and hotel transfers, as well as tour guides in all their Vietnam tours, which can add more value for customers.

Vietnam travel agent specialized in the Central

Sinh Tourist

Sinh Tourist is one of the most popular Vietnam tour operators in the Centre of Vietnam with their Hue and Hoian tours. They has been recieving good reviews from thousands of their customers, making them a well-known tour providers for the Central Vietnam.

SInh Tourist is well-known with their tours in the Centre of Vietnam

Stop & Go Café

Stop and Go Café is a Central Vietnam tour operator established around ten years ago. Since then, they have become a stop and tour organiser for travelers visiting Central Vietnam.

Also, their good point is the excellent private car transfer services in Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Phong Nha and other places in Central of Vietnam.

Travel agent in Vietnam specialized in the South

Innoviet Travel

Innoviet Travel is a Vietnam tour operator specialised in Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnel trips. The good point of their tours are the small-group sizes, letting travelers soaking in the experience of every tourist destination. In general, their staff are friendly and energetic, they will accompany tourists to see the real-life beautiful Mekong Delta.

See real-life beautiful Mekong Delta with Innoviet Travel

Go Go Vietnam

GoGo Vietnam is a Vietnamese-owned tour operator with their headquater located in Ho Chi Minh City. Their strong point is visa extension and renewal services. Also, their day trips are of good quality.

Vietnam tour operators specialized in Ninh Binh day trip

Ninh Binh, just 100 kilometers from Hanoi, is a fascinating destination for anyone who seek for a short escape from the hustle and busle or just want to get close to the nature and create more memories while in Vietnam. For details, you can check out Ninh Binh travel agency!

Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc

Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc is an online travel agency in Vietnam that experts in Hoa Lu Tam Coc day trip and other Ninh Binh tours. Proud to be the first ever Hoa Lu Tam Coc tour operator, we offer you not an ordinary tour but a new way of seeing things – an amazing adventure for every traveler. For local experience and support at local price, it has to be us!

Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc makes sure that you can have the best experience in Ninh Binh

In 10 years of providing tours to customers, Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc has delivered 5-star service to more than 10000 travelers anually and has received positive reviews on Tripadvisor.

We are now providing Ninh Binh tours including Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, Trang An, Mua cave, Phat Diem Cathedral, Cuc Phuong National Park. Or wherever you want to go, our local experts will make it customize and special for you!

>>> With every book, you can get a FREE Hanoi City Tour with local students! What are you waiting for, find your tour now?

Hanoi Explore Travel

Hanoi Explore Travel is a Vietnam travel agency for short trips includings Ninh Binh trips. They has a wide range of tours with with favorably priced and realiable services

With young, dynamic and experienced staffs, they promise that you will always get the help, travel consultant with all the heart and enthusiasm.

Original Ninh Binh Tours

Original Ninh Binh Tours offers unique original trips that bring you the most authentic experience with the understanding of Ninh Binh’s beauty.

Their mission is focusing on customers and aiming to provide the best local tours to Ninh Binh with the best local prices. Also, Original Ninh Binh Tours offers customers more value with the FREE tours in Hanoi for each order.

Original Ninh Binh Tours aims to helivering the most unique original trips in Ninh Binh

Reputable tour operators in Vietnam specialized in adventure trip

Mr. Linh’s Adventure Tours

Mr. Linh’s Adventure Tours have been one of the best Vietnam local tour operators with customized itinerary in the region since 2008.

Their staffs are well-trained, professional and specialized in off-the-beaten-track and adventurous traveling in Vietnam’s Northern remote areas. The Ba Be Lakes homestay tour is the most highly recommended.

Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure

Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure is proud of having the largest fleet of motorbikes comparing to any other travel agency in Vietnam. Their motorbikes are well-maintained and their staff is energetic for touring with travelers throughout Vietnam.

Their guides are experienced in traveling around Vietnam and know the routes that will lead you to exciting tourist destinations. Also, they tailor itineraries to your riding styles and road conditions and are flexible on the road, making them the best for adventurous tourists.

An off-the-beaten-track route to Cao Bang with Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure

4. Tips for choosing a Vietnam travel company

Beside, below are some tips for you to choose the most suitable and reliable travel agency, as well as having the best travel experience in Vietnam:

Direct booking with the Vietnam travel agency

When coming to the hotel in Vietnam, there will be tons of people trying to sell you tours. However, please refrain from choosing tours with the middleman, because the price will be especially high. They will find ways to charge you more than when working directly with the travel agency. Therefore, you should booking tours with a reliable agency, not through a medium.

Check it out if the travel agency is authentic

There are a lot of travel agencies pop up when you search online, but, there is high chance that scam agencies are included, so you should check out everything first: the website, the office location, the tour package and the information to make sure you choose the authentic Vietnam travel agency, not a fake one.

There are bunch of travel agency in Vietnam street, check thoroughly to avoid “copy-cat” ones!

Discuss the itinerary and the cost carefully

When you are done with choosing a tour, you should start sitting down and discussing about the itinerary and the cost. Asking about the inclusions and exclusions in the total fee and also the activities in the tour package. You should read through the term of payment to see if the cost is up to your expectation, or else it may leave a hole in your wallet.

Reading Vietnam travel agency reviews

This is also a good way to find out a reliable Vietnam travel agency. Review of the previous tourists will give you a hint of how the tour and service of that agency are like and also help you to avoid scam.  Honest reviews can also help you to pick out the best tour of the agency and remind you of some tips to enhance your experience. A few minutes of reading won’t do any harm, but it would give you a lot of precious information.

Keeping contact information of the agency

It is important that you keep contact information of your Vietnam travel agency in Vietnam. Bad things can come up at any time. And if you have a question or any requirement, you’d better contact the headquarter to get immediate help.

So, have you choose any reliable Vietnam travel agency from the list above? If you still confused and need more advice, feel free to contact Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc local experts. We are always here for you!