Tam Coc Weather [Monthly] – Most important thing when planning a trip

Tam Coc Weather is the thing you really have to notice when planning the trip as it can make or break your day. If the weather is dry and warm, you can easily follow all the spots in your wish list. Your trip will be surely enjoyable. And vice versa!

So let’s take a closer look into the detailed weather Tam Coc and decide when is the best time to you. Also, we will add some notes of clothing and more at the bottom of the article so do not miss it!

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Come to Tam Coc at its best time to experience the most!

Weather Tam Coc quick look!

Located in Ninh Binh province, Northen Vietnam, you can easily get to Tam Coc from Hanoi by any transportation.

The weather in Tam Coc is generally hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 18°C to over 30°C with the average temperature is 25°C. The hottest month are generally June and July with the temperature can reach over 30°C and the coolest month is usually January when the temperature can drop to under 18°C.

There are 2 main seasons: Dry season and Wet season.

The dry season regularly starts from November to March. Tam Coc Vietnam weather during this season is somewhat cool, foggy and has soft sunlight sometimes. Temperature ranges from 18°C to 22°C. It’s an enjoyable time for travelers who don’t want to sweat much while traveling. But to add on, the season still has high humidity and a little drizzle in some months.

The wet season, also called rain season, is from April to October. At this time in Tam Coc, the humidity and temperatures combine to make it feel hot, humid with lots of heavy rainfall. The temperature is high and generally ranges from 25°C to over 30°C. Rain is common with 4 to 11 days per month. However, there’re clear sky and lots of sunshine so every destination will look more stunning and you can take more great photographs! Just beware of typhoons around the September.

Tam Coc weather is pleasant in general. Just check the weather before you go to do some preparation.

Overall, Hoa Lu Tam Coc weather is pleasant and suitable for tourists coming from abroad. To be sure, double check the weather before you go or have local experts arrange your trip

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Tam Coc Weather by month

  • Dry season


Tam Coc weather November is regularly cool with the average temperature around 22°C. Due to cool weather and soft sunshine, it is one of the most ideal time to take part in outdoor activities like cycling, camping in Tam Coc

Riding bike through idyllic villages to explore the locals’ life


Tam Coc weather December has the average temperature as 19°C. The weather is dry with 23 millimeters average rain and less sunshine rather than the previous month. Usually, it starts to get colder so wearing layers to keep you warm


Tam Coc weather in january is cold and foggy. The average minimum temperature is 18°C. January is considered as the driest month in the year so visitors coming to Tam Coc this time expect to hardly see any sunshine. The weather allows you to join in many kinds of outdoor sport and activities but remember to keep warm!

It’s foggy during this month. May not a perfect time for sightseeing.


The average temperature during this time is 19°C. Tam Coc weather February is freezing cold, just like other winter months so if you plan on hiking, protect yourself with layer clothes as the temperature can drop very low at the mountain peaks. And there’re lots of drizzles too.

Notice for you: February is crowded with domestic tourist as it’s festival season. Vietnamese usually visit Ninh Binh during and after Tet holiday to burn the incenses a wish for the new year full of happiness, luck, and prosperity for family and relatives.

So if you come to Tam Coc this month, expect it to be full of people. Lodging and other accommodations may cost slightly more. But in case you want to experience the Vietnamese culture, this month is for you!

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Coming to Tam Coc this month, tourists can join in festivals in nearby attractions such as Hoa Lu, Trang An an Bai DInh Pagoda


The average temperature is usually 21°C. About the detailed Tam Coc weather March, there’re still drizzles and less sunshine. But there’re some days that the weather can be very nice and warm. To be honest, it depends on each year as well as your luck, so check the weather forecast before you go is absolutely a must!

  • Wet season


It’s the start of the wet season with the average temperature is regularly around 25°C. Tam Coc weather April is foggy with a high chance of rain throughout the month. Just like March, there’s not much sunlight.


Tam Coc weather May start to be warmer with the average temperature around 28°C. Although May’s in the rain season, you will see the sun sometimes in this month. It is suitable for cycling, walking and many other outdoor activities.

Honestly, 9/10 tourists comes to Tam Coc to witness this scenery!

And if you wish to see Tam Coc in the charming ripen rice fields scenery, May is the perfect time! This beautiful scene will last from late May to June so planning your trip now if you have any intention to visit Ninh Binh. Consider the most popular Hoa Lu Tam Coc day trip!

Eventually, May is the start of busiest season in Tam Coc as every tourist comes here to witness the wonderful ripen rice fields.


June in Tam Coc has an average temperature of 30°C and around 156 hours of sun. The sunlight is much stronger and so does the rainfall. But don’t worry as it’s just rain sometime in a day and you still can optimize the time left to explore Ninh Binh.

This is also the peak of lotus season. Besides enjoying the charming yellow rice fields in Tam Coc, travelers can also have a chance to witness the fabulous forest of lotus around. It’s not extra to say that you can find lotus in every part of Ninh Binh.

Coming to Tam Coc this season, you can smell the perfume of lotus flowers pervades the surrounding air and enjoy the flavor of lotus while involving in the natural beauty of the province.

Lotus can be seen at Tam Coc and many nearby areas


The average temperature in Tam Coc in July is 30°C. It can get very hot some days with suddenly short rainfall.


Tam Coc weather August is wettest of the month with lots of sunshine and average temperature as 29°C. But the rain is quick so don’t too worry if you planning your trip around July and August. The weather condition is still good for taking outdoor activities.


Tam Coc weather September has cool down a little bit. There are less sun’s intense rays. Although it still in the wet season, it still a suitable choice for travelers to Tam Coc for sightseeing. The average temperature is 26°C but we have to inform you of a very important note: Beware of typhoons around this month! So please pay attention to the weather!

Then you would need a travel agency to take care all the preparation and give you notice about some bad situation. Book a tour with Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc to get the best services from our local experts!


In October, Tam Coc’s average temperature is around 25°C. The amount of rain is high and you can see the sun sometimes in the month. Keep an eye on Tam Coc weather forecast as there’s a highly likely chance of rain and thunderstorm!

Plan your trip carefully to avoid bad weather like this!

Some tips for weather in Tam Coc: clothing and more …

  • For December to February, we recommend wearing layers as the temperature can drop drastically. May be t-shirt, shorts during the day and warm jacket for evening to keep you warm.
  • During wet season and February-March, an umbrella or rain jacket will be your best friend. And you should bring along sunblock things (sunglass, suncream and a hat) to protect yourself as the sunlight is strong.
  • Wear a sneaker, it is very convenient for traveling and sightseeing. Also, remember to bring some snacks to eat when you are hungry.
  • The low season will be a good time for those looking for deals as in the high season, lodging and other accommodations will cost slightly more.
  • The busiest season is May-June, following by October and February

That’s all you need to know about Tam Coc weather for planning a trip here. We hope that you can find the most suitable month and visit Tam Coc someday.

If you need advice, feel free to contact Original Hoa Lu Tam Coc. We’d love to help you plan a perfect trip to Ninh Binh!